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Dec 2016

Taxis Make An Appearance In Music

Taxis are an indelible part of American culture. It's no surprise then, that taxi cabs have been staples of famous songs for years! Read More
Nov 2016

Pokemon Go And Taxis: A Short-Lived Affair

Could taking a taxi be the best way to get the most out of Pokemon Go? One taxi service in particular is betting they are, much to many gamers' delight. Read More
Aug 2016

From Taxi Driver To Runway Model

For 62 year old Ajit Singh Bharth, it was just another day driving his taxi. Until a mysterious passenger gave him the opportunity of a lifetime... as a runway model! Read More
Jul 2016

Taxi Gets A Hollywood Turn

HBO's latest miniseris "The Night Of" prominently features a certain yellow method of transportation, highlighting taxis' cultural importance. Read More