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Taxi Rates in LA


$2.85 Flag Drop (First 1/9 mile or 37 seconds or Fraction Thereof)

$0.30 For each additional 1/9th of a mile or 37 seconds or fraction thereof

$0.30 For each 37 seconds of waiting time and/or traffic delay ($29.19/hr. waiting time)

$4.00 Surcharge for all trips originating from LAX

$19.00 Minimum fare per trip (group) originating from LAX (in addition to the $4.00 surcharge)

$46.50 Flat fare per trip (group) either direction for the trips between LAX and Downtown

Our Service Area

Conveniently Serving:

Downtown Los Angeles | San Fernando Valley | West Hollywood | LAX

Major Tourist Destinations:

Universal Studios | Disneyland | Staples Center
Hotels | Shopping Malls | Beaches | Hospitals

Avoid bandit Taxis!

Unscreened drivers – not tested for drugs or alcohol

No background checks or driver information

No passenger or liability insurance

Overcharges – fares not measured by a meter per LADOT per mile rate

Victim of credit card fraud/bank account fraud

Boarding a vehicle posing as a taxi cab (very dangerous)

Unregistered taxi in the city of Los Angeles (making it nearly impossible to locate or trace the driver or vehicle in case of a serious incident)

Taxi Benefits vs Uber

Taxis have Commercial Insurance for vehicles and passengers

Random driver drug and alcohol testing for all cabbies

Taxi Driver background checks are mandatory

Full Taxi driver information. Updated regularly by management

Taxi Fares based on regulated DOT per mile rates

Properly licensed and permitted taxi cabs

Full taxi vehicle GPS records, trip and transaction information